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You may be interested to know that we are the manufacturer behind many top-ranking tire inflators in the world

If you google, “BEST TIRE INFLATORS,’ you will find that many of our products are listed as the users’ all-time favorite on the front pages. We are proud to say that 7 out of the top 10 best mini compressors recommended by Auto Express Magazine are produced by our factory, which shows that the quality of our products is universally acknowledged by professionals. Click View More to see our factory qualification.


20 PSI Intelligent SUP Pump

Enjoy the effortless fun with our SUP Pump!  20PSI High Pressure saves your time and energy for something more enjoyable.  You can go photo shooting, stretching, and drinking while the smart pump is inflating your paddle boards. So good that it can inflate and deflate 3 SUPs in a row!  Available in DC 12V version and upgrade Rechargeable Version. 

GO Cordless

Rechargeable handheld Vacuum Cleaner

With the flexibility and ease of use, Li-Battery-powered cordless vacuum cleaners have become an essential part of home and car cleaning.  Thanks for the new technology, our vacuum cleaners have equipped with long lasting Li-Ion Batteries and high efficiency brush DC motors as well as Brushless DC motor that help to boost suction power up to 13kPa.

GO Versatile

Vacuum, Inflator, Pressure Gague and Light: 4 in 1

World’s most versatile 4 in 1 Auto Vacuum Cleaner with combination of vacuum cleaner, air pump, tire pressure gauge and LED light.   Car Vacuum mode provide 4.5kPa high power suction, Wet & Dray Uses.  Tire Inflator mode quickly inflate tire from 0~35PSI in under 5 mins with digital display and auto shut off function. It also has a LED light for night time illumination.  4 Meter extra long cable helps to reach all around the car.  Ideal for everyday car maintenance.  Thoroughly clean dust, crumbs, pet hairs and liquid mess like coffee or milk with the help of handy attachments. 

Our Product Ranges

Tire Inflator / Air Compressor

Analog Tire Inflator, Digital Tire Inflator, AC/DC Dual Power Tire Inflator, Direct Drive Heavy Duty Tire Inflator, Tire Repair Sealant Kit

Vacuum Cleaner

Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, BLDC Brushless Motor Vacuum Cleaner, DC 12V Car Vacuum Cleaner, Multifunction Vacuum with Inflator

SUP Pump

20 PSI High Pressure SUP Pump. Intelligent design with Preset Pressure, Auto-Off and Cooling System for Safety and prolonged use.

Car Accessories

Car interior and exterior accessories, Car Electronic and Charging connectivity, Air Purifier and other cleaning products