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Established in 2004, Ecosmarter is one of the biggest manufacturers in China for Premium Quality Tire Inflators, Air Compressors, Handheld Vacuum Cleaners and Roadside Emergency Products. We have 3 professional manufacturing plants located in Dongguan Qinxi, Dongguan QiaoTou and Hunan Yongzhou with total coverage of more than 153,330 square meter and 500 staffs, including 50 top engineers and technicians in R&D center. Our factory is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with modern facility houses the company’s sales, customer service, engineering and product development functions.


Ecosmarter NEW IDEAS


Ecosmarter is your solution for the design, development and production of tire inflator, handheld vacuum cleaners and roadside emergency products. Our professional sales team and R&D could always provide new ideas that help you build up great lines that lead the markets.



To offer competitive price, EcoSmarter has adopted lean manufacturing principles that greatly reduce manufacturing costs. Our supply chain management, including material costs, planning, sourcing, production and delivery, which not only save cost, but it also improves efficiency and quality of our tire inflators and vacuum cleaners.


OEM & Aftermarekt

With 20 years of experience delivering tire air compressor and car vacuum cleaner for both OE and Aftermarket customers, we can create brand new products for you or tailor from our existing designs to suit your specific requirements in 2 weeks. If you are smaller importers, we also have a complete range available from entry level to premium heavy duty ones for your choice.


Testing & Quality

Quality is core of our business. To guarantee customers with consistent high quality, our factory has implemented with ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. Our IPQC, On-line QC, In & Out-Depot QC and final QA, guaranteed our product quality in the whole manufacturing procedure. Besides, all our tire air pumps and car vacuum cleaners meet CE, EMC, RoHS, FCC standards.

Get to Know Our Factory

Factories and Facilities

To achieve OE and Aftermarket requirements, our factory is registered to EN ISO 9001/2015 and IATF 16949. We also successfully passed a number of social compliance standards such as BSCI audit, Walmart audit and Autozone audits. Our production plants consist of 6 professional workshops including Injection workshop, SMT workshop, Assembly workshop, Dust-Free workshop, Pressure Gauge workshop and Sealant workshop.

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Innovation and Technology

Our longevity and profitable growth rely greatly on our ability to invent, envision and constantly present new ideas to customers. Up to now we have applied 149 patents both at home and abroad and was granted with ‘Innovative & High Tech Enterprise’ by China Government. Our R&D consists of 50 top designers responsible for industrial and appearance design which are put into realization with our high tech facility and management control. Click view more to know our new product development process.

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QC, QA and Testing Facilities

EcoSmarter introduce all applicable international and national safety standards into our design and production. Our QC, QA and Testing capabilities has been approved by several OE Car Markers with most stringent regulatory requirements and our product were proven to be long lasting, safe, energy efficient as well as environment friendly. Click View More to see our testing labs and testing facilities.

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Our Team

Henry Huang
Managing Director

Esther Dai 
Sales Manager

Ecosmarter Marketing Manager

Philip Chu
Marketing Manager

Eco Smarter Administrative Manager

Candy Chu
Administrative Manager