A24B Analog Tire Inflator

* Powerful Tire Inflator. Suitable for Everyday Tire Maintenance
* DC12V, 96W, 8A, 80PSI
* Analog Gauge displays pressure in PSI, kg/cm² or Bar
* Inflation Time 9 mins (0~35PSI for 195/65R15 Tire)
* Sturdy Housing with Easy Hand Carry Handle
* 2.9M Power Cable with Fused 12V Plug
* Good for Bike, Car, Inflatables and Sports Equipments
* Product Dimensions 16.3 x 7.9 x 17.1 cm

Details about A24B Analog Tire Inflator

A24B Analog Tire Inflator is ideal for Everyday Tire Maintenance. Inflat tire from 0~35PSI in under 9 mins. Comes with adaptor kit for sports balls and inflatables. 2.9M power cable helps to reach all around the cars. Accurate Analog Gauge displays pressure in PSI, kg/cm² and Bar. It also has a LED light for night time illumination and storage compartments for long cords and inflatable adaptors.

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