B93C Intelligent SUP Pump

* 20PSI High Pressure SUP Pump
* Powered by DC 12V
* Pre-set and Auto-off Function (LED Display)
* Dual Stage Max. Speed + Max. Pressure
* Inflate 10.6′ SUP from 0 – 15 PSI less than 8 mins
* Maximum Pressure 20 PSI
* Active Cooling System for prolonged use
* 5PC Nozzle Set for SUP and all other inflatables
* 3M Cable with Fused 12V Plug
* Sturdy Housing with Easy Carry Handle
* Product Dimensions: 294 x 153 x 217 mm / 1.8kg

Details about B93C Intelligent SUP Pump

B93C Intelligent SUP saves your time and energy for something more enjoyable. It is capable of inflating 10’6 SUP from 0-15PSI in less than 8 mins. 20PSI High Pressure is ideal for standard and larger paddle boats. Dual Stage Motor ensures Max. Speed and Max. Pressure which automatically switched during the pumping process.

You can use the LED display to set your ideal pressure and let the pump monitor for you. Once the target value has been reached, the SUP turns off automatically. With these functions, it guarantees that our SUP is rigid enough but not overinflated.

Internal Cooling Fan prevents motors from overheating. You can inflate and deflate 3 SUPs in a row.

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