C43L Analog Tire Inflator

* Compact Design Suitable for Everyday Tire Maintenance.
* DC 12V, 72W, 6A, 80 PSI
* Analog Gauge displays pressure in PSI, kg/cm² or Bar
* Inflation Time 13 mins (0~35PSI for 195/65R15 Tire)
* Featured with LED Light
* Sturdy Housing
* Good for Motorcycle, Bike, Car, Inflatables and Sports Equipments
* Product Dimensions 11 x 4.7 x 9.5 cm

Details about C43L Analog Tire Inflator

C43L Analog Tire Inflator is perfect for motorcycles, ATV or Small Cars. Compact and powerful design make your everyday tire maintanance easy and efficient. It comes with interchangeable XR-701C connector, Alligator Clips and 12V plugs for Muliple power sources. It also has a LED light for night time illumination and storage compartments for long cords and inflatable adaptors.

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