W28A Flat Tire Repair Kit

* Emergency Flat Tire Repair
* Kit cotains 1 x powerful tire inflator and 1 x 500ML sealant cartridge
* Seals punctures up to 6mm (1/4-inch) in diameter
* DC12V, 120W, 10A, 120PSI
* Fix Flat Tire in less than 15 mins
* Sealant Cartridge Refill are availabe and sold separately
* Easy to Read Analog Gauge
* 2.85M Power Cable with Fused 12V Plug
* Tire inflator good for Bike, Car, Inflatables and Sports Equipments
* Product Dimensions 17 x 7.4 x 14 cm

Details about W28A Flat Tire Repair Kit

W28A Flat tire repair kit get you out of dangerous condition and back on the road in less than 10 mins. Special design sent both tire sealant and air into flat tire at the same time to instantly seal the puncture. Tire sealant seeks out and seals punctures up to 6mm in diameter.Preset digital gauge with atuo shut off function. 120W high power inflat tire from 0~35PSI in under 5.5 mins. Adaptor kit for sports balls and other inflatables. 3M power cable helps to reach all around the cars. Custom-made ompartments for sealant cartridge, cables and inflatable adaptor storage.

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